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Polycom VVX Color Expansion Module

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Polycom VVX Color Expansion Module

The Polycom VVX Color Expansion Module is a sidecar expansion module for the Polycom VVX Business Media Phones. You can add up to 3 VVX Color Expansion Module to give you 90 additional keys helping turning your VVX phone into a desktop phone capable of handling multiple lines, call appearances, speed dials or BLF keys.

Polycom VVX Color Expansion Module Overview

The Polycom VVX Color Expansion Module is an optimal solution for telephone attendants – receptionists, administrative assistants, secretaries, and other “power users” who manage multiple simultaneous telephone calls on a daily basis. The VVX Color Expansion Module extends the functionality of Polycom VVX Business Media Phones and provides multifunctional line keys that can be set up as line registrations, call appearances, speed dials, direct station select or busy lamp field keys. The VVX Color Expansion Module seamlessly matches the look and feel of the VVX Business Media Phones.

When fully equipped the VVX Business Media Phones function as a high-performance attendant console, supporting up to three VVX Expansion Modules. Telephone attendants can reduce the number of lost customer calls, shorten transaction times, and increase the accuracy of call routing by promptly accepting, accurately screening, efficiently dispatching and effortlessly monitoring calls. The VVX Color Expansion Module is a true “plug-and-play” device that requires no set-up as power and signaling are provided by the host VVX Business Media Phone. No extra cables or power supplies are required to operate the Expansion Module.

The VVX Color Expansion Module provides an easy transition from traditional PBX features and functionality into the world of Voice over IP with its intuitive user interface and pleasing call visualization experience similar to that on the VVX Business Media Phone.


The VVX Expansion Module is compatible with the following:

Polycom VVX 300

Polycom VVX 310

Polycom VVX 400

Polycom VVX 410

Polycom VVX 500

Polycom VVX 600


Polycom VVX Color Expansion Module Features and Functions:

  • 4.3” TFT (480 x 272) LCD screen
  • 30 illuminated bi-color programmable line keys; GUI configurable
  • 3 Page View soft keys t
  • access total of 90 monitored contacts (3 x 30)
  • Supports Profile Pictures and other AD objects
  • Polycom Desktop Connector (PDC) support